Hydraulic presses

Design and construction of hydraulic presses from drawings

There are many companies and industries operating, not just in the metalworking field, who require hydraulic presses for production of components for tools, bicycle, motorbike, automobile, household appliances and electronic components.  

For hydraulic presses of all kinds, including those created from your own drawings, contact Benelli S.p.A., the international market leader. We offer a full range of hydraulic and mechanical presses, both new and used, refurbished, and transformed according to specific customer requirements.

The flexibility of our production departments, the constant updating of our fleet of machines, and our ability to keep pace with technological innovations, allows our teams of qualified engineers and technicians to offer solutions for every need. The Benelli Spa production lines include:

The history of Emanuel

EMANUEL The birth of this brand dates back to 1899, when Giovanni Emanuel abandoned the field of his native Robella Monferrato for the city of Turin. Initially engaged in the field of agricultural machinery repairs, the company later expanded into related industries in the fledgling auto industry. Since the 1970's, Emanuel has been building presses for automotive and household appliance industries, for national and international markets. The creation of their research and development department in the 1980s enabled new research into fluid dynamics. Overseas exports continued into the 1990s. During this period, the company developed their technical strategy around innovative product lines, and their commercial strategy directing the company to export to major industrialised countries to add an international element. In 2007, Emanuel was acquired by BENELLI S.P.A. and one of the historic subalpine companies returned to Turin.

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