Mechanical Presses

Designs from drawings, and construction of mechanical presses

If your company is looking for a professional, skilled partner, capable of supplying mechanical presses of various types, including models designed and built from drawings; contact Benelli S.p.A., the Turin-based company and industry leader.

Expertise, experience and continuous investments in research and technology, allow us to offer solutions for every need. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians is at our customers' disposal to create 3D parametric models and perform dynamic and structural analyses and calculations on every single component using cutting-edge design tools.

Benelli can handle even the most complex kinematics, using special simulation software, which also handles calculations using the finite element method. We construct the presses in-house ourselves thanks to our specialist departments.

The Benelli S.p.a. production lines include:

Benelli's History

BENELLI was founded in Florence in 1953 by Count Benelli, who was particularly interested in property investment. The company was dedicated to the construction of presses – a key component in industries that were rebuilding after the war and needed to handle the economic boom. In a society that had been through heavy sacrifices and could now begin to enjoy some additional wealth, the growth prospects for durable consumer goods such as cars, motorcycles and home appliances was extremely attractive.

It was a period of huge growth of these markets and BENELLI aimed specifically at providing the production facilities they needed. The company's success in the wake of the explosion in these markets was immediate, progressive and long-lasting. Thanks to our abilities, Benelli became synonymous with excellent quality and acquired a leading role among the Italian and European producers as a manufacturer of dedicated plant and systems for high productivity: including transfer presses. This has been the property of BENELLI S.P.A. Group and completes a wide range of products and 360-degree services.

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