Design and manufacture of new presses

At BENELLI & EMANUEL Presse, we play a key role in the manufacture of sheet metal forming presses. The technology and advanced equipment we use are shown in our work over the years in the many machines we have produced. We use high quality materials, search for the best solutions for machinery, structure, systems and study new technologies that allow us to obtain the best relationship between production costs and market demands.

New presses
New presses

Engineering research

The design and dimensions of our presses are made by prioritising the stiffness and control of the deformation, with particular regard to flexing of the press head, containing the forces within the structure, and guaranteeing precision during operation.

Our designs are made by highly qualified engineers and technicians using the most advanced software tools in the mechanics field. Computer applications used in the design of our components enable us to create 3D parametric models and to perform related analyses for dynamics and structural verification calculations for each individual component. For more complex kinematics, special software provides simulations and, in the case of the most critical components, performs calculations using the finite element approach.

Designing new presses
presses construction
presses from designs
customised presses
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