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For the men who work there, the relaunch of Benelli & Emanuel, at the foot of the Alps, evokes a concreteness of ideas, practical intentions and a strong conviction when confronted by obstacles that prevent their success.When this attitude and sense of purpose are transferred into a company, they can generate periods of extraordinary entrepreneurship.

Benelli & Emanuel, has turned this entrepreneurial spirit into the reason for its success in its own sector.Hard work carving out a slice of the market, giving a good impression of itself, expanding in Italy and abroad, maintaining products that keep up with the latest production technologies, are always in line with customer expectations, but none of it could have been achieved without a stubborn will to succeed, combined with strategic behaviour that's flexible, but always focused on achieving the objectives that have been set.

This is how the most recent chapter in the history of Benelli & Manuel Presse began. It is a story of continuous quality improvements, of increasing its market share, raising the value of its brands, expanding its exports, of innovations, and an enlargement of its range of presses

Today, this tenacity, entrepreneurship and the renowned strengths of the company allow Benelli & Manuel Presse to operate successfully in the sheet metal forming machinery market.

Benelli Presse - Emanuel Presse

Our mission

The present and future are a mirror on the past. The past traces the strategic and innovation journey of BENELLI & EMANUEL.

The strength of the company's new approach is the integrated management of orders, from engineering to final commissioning on-site.

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Our certifications

Certificazione ICM
Certificazione IQNet
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